Estate Planning
As the saying goes “there are only 2 certainties in life – death and taxes”
Whilst we can help with the taxes there is not much we can do about the death part.

However working closely with our trusted, experienced and skillful Estate Planning Solicitors we can ensure that what financial assets are left at the unfortunate time of departure go to your beneficiaries in the most tax effective way. Although there are no direct death Taxes, indirect taxes such as Capital Gains Tax, Superannuation taxes and the like can and often do, diminish your hard earnt assets when left to your beneficiaries.

There are legal and commercial ways to structure your Estate and Will to ensure the least possible amount of your hard eant wealth goes to the Government.

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Thanks for guiding Jean & I through the minefield regarding our wills. Although we wont get the direct benefit of your ideas and suggestions our minds are much more settled knowing our assets will go to our children in the must tax effective way.”

Bob and Jean Smith,
Baulkham Hills