So You Thought You Were Smarter Than the ATO

The ATO will request and collect identity and transaction details pertaining to securities held in all ASX listed entities from:

  • Link Market Services Limited;
  • Computershare Limited;
  • Australian Securities Exchange Limited;
  • Boardroom Pty Ltd;
  • Advanced Share Registry Services Pty Ltd; and
  • Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd

Details relating to approximately 1.2 million individuals will be electronically matched with certain ATO data holdings to identify non-compliance with CGT, income tax and GST obligations under taxation law (although it is anticipated that administrative action will be taken on a very small percentage (less than 1%)). Be wary if you think those shares you received when the likes of AMP, NRMA, National Mutual etc can be left out of your return. Computers make crosschecking a breeze for the fiscal fiend.